5 Ways to Get Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Louisville, KY

Do you want to know how to get cheap homeowners insurance? It is challenging to find the right insurance company that provides cheap insurance policies. If you want to reduce your Louisville homeowners insurance premium, here are some of the things you can do.

Finding affordable home insurance deal in Louisville, Kentucky can be simple if you use review sites to find the best insurer.

Raise Your Deductible

What is a deductible? It is the amount you pay toward a loss before the insurance company starts paying your claim. Raise your deductible if you want to save more money on your premiums. So, you will pay less. However, some insurance policies have a separate deductible for certain types of damages if your property is in a disaster-prone area. Consider this when looking for a cheap insurance policy.

Make Your House Resistant to Natural Disasters

Talk to several insurance brokers and companies. Ask them how you can make your home more resistant to natural disasters such as windstorms, hail storms, or earthquakes. Want to save on your premiums? Add storm shutters in your property. Reinforce your roof or buy strong roofing materials. If your home is very old, you can retrofit it. Why? It helps the home to withstand earthquakes.

Use One Insurance Company

Buy your car and home insurance from the insurance company. Most insurance companies sell a car, homeowners, and liability coverage together. Buy two or more policies from one of these insurance companies because they take between 5 to 15% off the premium. It is cheaper the buy two policies from one insurance companies than to buy separate coverages from different insurance companies. Use a reputable insurance company.

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